SEPTEMBER 27, 2014 - Celebration Of Life Rhapsody In Blue
Posted: Tuesday, March 3, 2015






It was a “Super Affair”. Seeing the Platinum Scholasticans enjoying themselves (some in wheelchairs, walker, canes, others who came all the way from Bacolod and Nueva Ecija or braved the traffic),--it was worth all the hard work. We were honored by the presence of a 101 year alumna, Gloria Dizon De Los Angeles College1934   who was accompanied by her family- a  son, grandson and wife, and 3 granddaughters. Our next oldest Platinums who attended were 96 year old Conchita Fernandez Berenguer Coll40 who still gives piano lessons in St. Scholastica, and 95 year old Catalina Carbonell HS36 who at her ripe old age, is still a practising lawyer!  It was also gratifying to see that not only the SSAFI Board members were involved, but also other SSC alumnae from different batches, SSAFI office secretary, Noemi Laca and SSC technical and support staff. We were even able to recruit Alejandro De Castro Banson and Alejandro De Castro, grandsons of SSAFI Board 2nd External VP Salud Donato De Castro HS48 Coll52, to act as escorts.


The presence of some Benedictine Sisters, headed by our beloved Mother Prioress Adelaida Ygrubay, OSB and Sub-Prioress Lydia Villegas, OSB, reminded the Platinums of the German Benedictine Sisters who were their teachers many, many years ago, and  it also brought back memories of their “colegiala days”. We would like to thank other sisters like Sr. Asuncion, Sr. Ramira, Sr. Esperanza, Sr. Andy, Sr. Remedios, Sr. Fely, Sr. Constance, Sr. Mary Khan-ly for celebrating with us.  Thank you Mother and dear sisters for always supporting our events.


 SSAFI gave Posthumous awards to Platinum Scholasticans who were PAST SSAFI Presidents and continued to be active in Platinum affairs until they passed on. Their relatives were elated to receive the awards. Rajo Laurel received the award for his grandmother, Beatriz Castillo Laurel HS36 Coll40; Feliz Perez for her grandmother, Virginia Domingo Gonzalez;  Dr. Angeles Tan Alora, for her sister Consuelo L. Tan HS38 Coll41.


 Even the entertainment numbers were “home grown” Scholastican talents: The Baby Platinums- Sr. Angelica Leviste, HS54 on the clavinova-and her batchmates and community singing with everyone; The all- female singing group- “ Hot Flashes” headed by musical director Norie Sayo Coll69 and SSAFI Board member, Mayette Pacis Merin HS65 Coll69; Old time favorites by Ed Baylon, an instructor in the SSC Grade School and College departments .


--  The “ Best in Blue”  contest was quite a novelty. We thank the prestigious judges, Rajo Laurel, JC Buendia and former Miss Universe Gloria Diaz HS68


 The finalists were Gloria Dizon Angeles Coll34; Fe Ynciong Tuason HS42; Regina Abreu Yulo HS42; Twin sisters Gloria Connolly Barredo and Josephine Connolly Arrastia HS44; Rosalinda Hidalgo Lopez HS47; Josefina Mananzan Elicano HS52; and to the Grand Winner- Stella Arrastia HS47.


-- The décor of the venue, tarpaulins, flower arrangements and the music all added to the festive mood,  encouraging some of the Platinums to “ dance and sway” and sing along. The Platinums were so happy and thankful for the SSAFI giveaways, certificates, awards, etc,-all lovingly prepared by Scholasticans.  Even the food was catered by the daughter of Platinum Scholastican, Fe YnciongTuason. It was truly an SSC alumnae .

Sponsor was Smart Communications;  Donors were Mica Buencamino  Lara HS80  for the centertable flower arrangements; Cash donation from Platinum Angeling Jacob Lesaca HS40; Michelle Aman of Mi-Café for packs of coffee and chocolate drinks; Ravi Daryanani of Canadian for the spa wrap for the Best in Blue Winner.


Alumnae Volunteers who helped were Erika Roa,Dina Karaan,Boots Mejia,Lulu Ocampo,Mia Prats,Chinkee del Rosario

Other SSAFI Board present were
Baba Santos,Elaine Baloloy,Tina Puno,Anna Leah Wong,Charlie Azcuna,

Rose Rodriguez,Ampy Lim,Marilou Lim and Sigrid Lizares.

All around SSAFI Girl Friday - Noemi Laca

SSAFI President and emcee was Gigi Prats

Special Events Committee/Platinum Affairs- External 2nd VP Salud Donato De Castro (Chairperson)/Vice Chair Elsa Lava Mapua/Marilen del Rosario Lopez/Bang Karaan































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