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What follow are activities that were specifically conceptualized and organized for the Centennial, or those whose nature are directly aligned with the Centennial's objectives.  As such, the different Units have many other activities during school years 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 that are part of their curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular programs but are not listed below.  The Priory will also be having many activities that are not listed below because they will not directly involve St. Scholastica's College, Manila.



September 2005

September 14

: The PRIORY CENTENNIAL KICK-OFF launches the joint centennial celebrations with a Eucharistic celebration, Brunch, an evening Classical Concert, drawing of the Raffle winners, and Cocktails at Kuniberta

: PEliKULASA: An Independent Film Screening


October 2005

October 1-2
: Prayer Camp: “Growing the Benedictine Way”


Religion Extension Classes (REC) Reunion

Reunion Lectio Divina seminar-workshop in HS

October 16

: BINGO 100: A SSAFI Fundraising Project


November 2005


December 2005 

December 1 : Blessing / Opening of the High School Memorabilia Corner
December 3 :

St. Scholastica’s College  is 99 years old!

SSC CENTENNIAL KICK-OFF is Community Day: We begin at sunrise with “Hit the Ground Running: Takbo Para sa St. Scho”- A Fun Run, and continue with A 99-Car Motorcade, An Open-Air Mass by the Apostolic Nuncio, Community Day refreshments courtesy of the Sisters,  A Bazaar, Giant Murals painting, “CenteSCHO, Centennial na ‘to”: A Joint Students’ Open-Air Program, “100 Years As ONE”: a 300-voice Open-Air Concert, ending the day at sunset with Community Singing and the Unveiling of the Chapel’s Stained Glass windows at Vespers. 

December 6 : Medical Mission
December 7 : Christmas in Tondo (Ora et Labora)
December 9 : The 2nd “Scholastican Leaders’ Assembly"


January 2006

January 3 – 5 : Seminar on  Corporate Governance
January 25-28  : Children’s Peace Congress hosted by the SSC Grade School, with delegates from the members of the Association of Benedictine Schools (ABS), all SSC branch schools and invited public schools


February 2006

February 4 :

Centennial Career & Admissions Fair at Glorietta is the kick-off activity for Centennial College Week:



February 1 – 18


Fine Arts Graduation exhibits
February 3 : Opening Mass
 February 3 – 5 : ABS Student Leaders’ Congress
February 4 : Career & Admissions Fair at Glorietta
All Saturdays in February : IdolSCHO ‘to! SportSCHO ‘to Varsity Alumnae and All-Stars
February 6 -9 : Technology Exhibits
February  7 : Jammin’ with the Profs (A Fundraising Concert by JAM w/ Faculty)
 February 8 : College Family Feast : Kainan ng Kapamilya at Kapuso
  : Culinary Arts Exhibit
  : Inter-Commerce Battle of Wits
February 9 : Institutional Mass in honor of St. Scholastica and the Institutional Service Awards
  : Launching of the SSC Centennial Singing Idol Contest
February 13-17 : JAM Org Week
February 14 : Performing Arts Concert of Classical Music
February 15 : Teachers’ Valentine Special
February 3-5 : High School and College ABS Student Leaders Congress
February 9 : Institutional Mass in honor of St. Scholastica and the Institutional Service Awards
: (featuring the Launching of the SSC Centennial Singing Idol Contest)
February 12 : Annual Jubilee and Homecoming
February 17 : Ciento ng St. Scho: An ABS Centennial Music Festival
February : A Visit to the old Sisters in Baguio: First Journey
February 20 : Opening of Obra Kulasa


March 2006

March 3 :  Women’s Fair
: SportSCHO ‘to Varsity Alumnae Basketball Championships
:  IdolSCHO ‘to Varsity Alumnae Volleyball Exhibition and Alumnae All-Stars


April 2006

April : A Visit to the Old Sisters in Baguio: Second Journey
April 22-28 : Waldorf KOLISCO Seminar


May 2006

May 5 - 7 : DoctorSCHO ‘yan: An Institutional Outreach Medical Mission
May to September : Worldwide Benedictine Pilgrimage Tours


June 2006

June : Historical Interactive Walking Tours c/o the Grade School


July 2006

July : Institutional Students’ Month
July 3 Opening Ceremonies during Morning Praise
July 10 – 15 College Students Week: Ora et Labora, Orgs Recruitment Week with Orgs’ merchandise sales, Org Logofest, and a Concert
July 17-21 High School Students Week: School Spirit Week, Leadership Training Seminar, The Blue Flame Centennial edition, Opening of REC exhibit, Forum on REC, a High School  Dance, an All-REC Interaction, and the Grand 20th-year REC Reunion
July 21 Opening of the President’s Centennial Cup
July 24 - 29

Grade School Students Week: The Best of ABS Cultural Presentation, and The Electoral Process Module

July 31 Closing Ceremonies for Students’ Month: Institutional Pep Rally


August 2006

August : Buwan ng Wika sa Sentenaryo


September 2006

September 14 : The PRIORY is ONE HUNDRED YEARS old!
  • 9 AM Eucharistic Celebration at St. Cecilia's Hall
  • 10:30 AM Brunch at Kuniberta
  • 11:30 AM Blessing of the Priory-SSC Archives-Museum
September 15 : A Cultural Presentation of All ABS Schools
September 16 :


5:00 PM Grand Centennial Concert at St. Cecilia's

Mag Bolahan Tayo: A Celebrity Basketball Fundraiser co-sponsored by PBA, ADIDAS, the SSC Centennial Committee and the College Class of '94 will feature two basketball teams in a friendly match --- Purefoods vs. Alaska.  The program begins at 8:00 AM to 12:00 NN with the Cheerdancing Championships featuring Faculty and Personnel, followed by the Semi-Final Basketball Game of the President's Centennial Cup featuring the Blue and Violet teams (Grade School vs. High School)
8:00 AM to 12:00NN at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum. Tickets @Php50.00

September 17 : Cyrilla/Cyrillo Day


November 2006

November 17 : Seasons of Love: A High School Faculty Centennial Concert
November 18 St.SKo, St.S’Mo rin! Grand Reunion of former High School Faculty
November 18-19 :

Baratilyong PampaSCHO Alay ng ParentSCHO: (A Project of the GSPA & the SSC-CC)
A Scholastican Entrepreneurs’ Bazaar, GS Family Day, Bulilit Singing Idol, Parol Parade, and so much more!!!

November 25 : St.SKo, St.S’Mo rin! Grand Reunion of former Grade School Faculty
November 26 The Launch of Daughters True: A Centennial Coffee table book


December 2006

December 3 :


: Holy Mass for ALL at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium (8:00AM)***

: Commemoration of the Move to Pennyslvania Avenue (now Leon Guinto)

: Grand Alumnae Centennial Homecoming (pre-registration ongoing)

  • The Generation Awards

  • Honoring of Prioresses and Presidents

  • Honouring of SSAFI Presidents

  • The 100 Outstanding Alumnae Awards

  • Reunion of / Recognition Rites for the Boys of Sister Gratia

  • 100 ScholastiCAKES

  • Dinner, Singing and Dancing, and Fireworks!!!!

December 4 No Classes/Rest day

... and then the celebration continues...

December 5  


Technical Dress Rehearsal for ALL participants (that means everyone) in the December 8 Finale at Rizal Track Oval

December 6





Open House - Institutional ***

Walk of  Acclaim  (SSC-CC with the College Fine Arts, Interior Design & IT  departments)

“SSC @ 100” Exhibit (SSC-CC with the College FA, ID & IT departments)

Centennial Singing Idol Double Finals (a project of the College Unit’s Junior Junior Association of Management with the SSC-CC)

December 7 : Opening of an Interactive 1906 classroom (to stay open until 2007)
December 8 :


8:00AM Holy Mass*** at the SSC grounds for all Students, Faculty, Administrators, Sisters, all Personnel

Ceremonial burial of the time capsule

Community Snacks -- a treat from the Sisters!!!

CENTENNIAL FINALE*** at the Rizal Track Oval (12noon to 5:00PM)
FOR THE ENTIRE SSC FAMILY (Sisters, Administrators, Teachers, Students, Alumnae, Parents, Office & GSD personnel and a GIANT surprise "guest" participants)


  • Institutional Pep Rally***

  • Field Demo Revival***

  • School-Wide Pep Rally***

  • Human Logo Formation***

*** Attendance Required







































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