A Centennial Committee was created to prepare for the thirteen-month-long celebration of SSC’s centenary year, which kicked off in December 2005 and culminated in December 2006.  The centennial was a twin celebration of the Priory and the School which carried the umbrella theme “A Century of Missionary Benedictine Presence in the Philippines” under which is subsumed SSC’s sub-theme “Celebrating Scholastican Education: Continuing Excellence As Social Responsibility”.

 Sr. Mary Bellarmine Bernas, OSB, chaired the Priory Centennial Committee; Mrs. Lucris Carina Agnir-Paraan of the SSC College Faculty chaired the SSC Centennial Committee. 

SSC’s celebration featured special monthly events sponsored and organized by the various units, departments and offices, involving the various stakeholders in the SSC community, including parents and benefactors.  To this end, various groups raised funds and organized logistics for the aforementioned events.  The thirteen-month-long celebration culminated in the Grand Alumnae Centennial Homecoming, during which one hundred outstanding alumnae were honored, generation awardees recognized, and past presidents of the alumnae association (SSAFI) cited for their work.   A project shared with the Priory’s Centennial Committee is the Archives-Museum in the Subiaco building. 

In planning the Centennial celebrations of SSC, the Committee identified the following guiding values:

  • Discipline

  • Simplicity

  • Humility

  • Competence

  • Confidence

  • Compassion

  • Silence/Listening

  • Social Responsibility

  • Commitment/Integrity

 Guided by the aforementioned values, therefore, the objectives of the Centennial Celebration are:

  • Celebrate and express thanksgiving for 100 years of Scholastican education via at least one special institutional event per month between December 2005 and December 2006, special centennial projects

  • Honor the Benedictine tradition and all the corollary values of being ‘Scholastican’ in our celebrations

  • Honor 100 Scholasticans who have exemplified these values

  • Co-celebrate, with the Priory and all our stakeholders, one hundred years of missionary Benedictine presence in the Philippines

  • Foster a strong school spirit and a grateful pride in being Scholastican/ belonging to the Scholastican community

  • Articulate a common vision for the next 100 years, blending the legacies  of the past, the realities of the present and the challenges of the future

 The Committee also identified the Stakeholders of SSC --- those to whom the life and legacy of SSC are important: 

  • Alumnae/Alumni

  • Students

  • Administrators, Faculty and Staff, etc.

  • Parents (past and present)

  • Sisters

  • Benefactors

  • Church

  • Business and Industry

  • Government, NGOs

  • Feeder Schools

As of April 2005, the following events comprised the Centennial Calendar:

  • September 2005 – Formal Kick-off celebration with the Priory

  • December 3, 2005 – SSC celebrates her 99th year and begins her 100th year, kicking-off with a Mass, a Motorcade (all participating cars bearing centennial plates), a Community Fun Run (with all stakeholders), an Open-Air Institutional Concert, a Raffle/Bazaar, and the 1st “Archives-Museum Teaser” at the Amrhein.  This is to be considered an official school day in the Academic Calendar.

  • January 2006 – Scholastican StarSports; Children’s Peace Congress; SSC hosts ABS Cultural Presentation

  • February 2006 – College Week; SSC ’81 grads’ homecoming; First issue of pre-centennial magazine and Centennial memorabilia on sale

  • March 2006 – Women’s Fair c/o Womyn’s Studies and SAO

  • April and May 2006 – All units/departments increase highlighting of the centennial theme and subtheme in their syllabi and plans of action; Planning/Finalizing of events’ preparations

  • June 2006 – Erection of Building Markers and Interactive Walking Tour; Unveiling of SSC signage; Amrhein Archives-Museum Teaser II

  • July 2006 – Institutional Students’ Month

  • August 2006 – College Faculty Month

  • September 2006 – Scholastican Entrepreneurs Bazaar; Archives-Museum opens

  • October 2006 – Celebrity Sportsfest

  • November 2006 – GS and HS Faculty Month

  • December 3, 2006 – We’re 100 years old!: Centennial Magazine out.  We start the day with the Memory Walk from the Pier to Moriones, and then proceed to SSC in a Motorcade, celebrate Mass in the Chapel with all stakeholders represented while other special events go on in the grounds with all the rest.  The afternoon and the evening are reserved for the Grand Alumnae Centennial Homecoming (with a Program featuring the 100 Centennial Awardees, Generation Awardees, Honoring of SSAFI presidents, Sale of Centennial Book and Magazine, plus all memorabilia, Dinner . . .)

 The Committee also articulated the following success indicators:

  • Every batch graduated by SSC is represented in the grand alumnae homecoming in December 2006 and in at least one fundraising event between December 2005 and December 2006.

  • An updated, comprehensive databank that includes college alumnae and male ‘alumni’ (PS) is produced

  • The theme of the centennial --- especially the SSC subtheme--- is reflected in all syllabi until the actual centennial school year 2006-20077, and is imbibed by our students through such various school fora as lessons, discussions, activities, and so on

  • The entire nation becomes aware of the valuable contributions that SSC has made to the growth of the nation in the past 100 years

  • Current (enrolled) Scholasticans become actively involved in the preparations and celebration

  • Our 100 awardees become sources of inspiration to all Filipino youth

  • Our college alumnae are identified/located, and gathered for pre-centennial reunions by course/department and in the homecoming along with the grade school and high school alumnae

  • Our faculty, personnel, maintenance staff, etc. become actively involved in the preparations and celebration and come to feel that they are as much a part of SSC as are the students and alumni

  • Our stakeholders all participate---via contributed resources or physical presence---in the celebration

  • There is true coordination and synergy between the Priory and SSC centennial committees













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