Centennial Hymn
Lyrics by S.Angeline Arceo,OSB
based on Centennial Poem (Road to Ithaca) by Florina Castillo

  1. With hearts aflame we thank thee God,

    For bounteous gifts untold,

    Here we stand proud and singing

    Praise and gladness now we hold.

Refrain:    Pray’r and work in love entwining,

               Hundred years of God’s delight

               See us now in proud procession

               Heralds of peace and joy.

  1. The Benedictine rule of life

    Compels us to respond.

    Guided by the Gospel’s might

    Walking in the One True Light (Ref.)


  2. We gather here in unity

    This legacy bestow

    May this be our humble offering.

    Then and now and ever more. (Ref.)

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