SSC Centennial Committee

Tel. No. 524-7686 loc. 195 /


The Executive Committee


Committee Convenor as SSC President 2003; Presiding Chair SY 2003-2004

  Sr. Josefina Nepomuceno, OSB

Honorary Chair SY2005-2007


Sr. M. Angelica M. Leviste, OSB
(632) 521-2593


Overall Chair SSC-CC 2004-2007;
Chair, Executive Committee 2004-2007,
Archives Technical Committee Member


Mrs. Louie Agnir-Paraan
(632) 524-7686 loc. 195

Finance Officer


Mrs. Ma. Asuncion A. Azcuna
(632) 524-7686 loc. 279


Sub-Theme Conceptualization,
Centennial Hymn Sub-Committee,
and Special Projects


Mrs. Florina "Lala" F. Castillo

Chair, Grand Alumnae Centennial Homecoming,
 ‘100 Outstanding Scholasticans’ Awards,

   Alumnae Liaison as President of
St. Scholastica’s Alumnae Foundation, Inc. (SSAFI)

Ms. Ma. Angeles "Gigi" G. Prats
(632) 724-1295/0917-5388877

Alumnae Liaison as SSAFI President SY2003-2004   Ms. Ampy Lim 

Core Members

Overall Academics,
School of Arts and Sciences Participation


Sr. Mary Vincent F. Feliciano, OSB
(632) 521-6382


School of Music Participation;
Centennial Hymn

  Sr. Mary Placid C. Abejo, OSB
(632) 526-8080


Overall School of Commerce Participation


Dr. Remedios J. Ching
(632) 536-6353


Overall School of Accountancy Participation

  Mrs. Ester F. Ledesma
(632) 524-7786


Sub-Theme Conceptualization/
Personnel Participation 2004-2005

Sr. M. Pauline Q. Triviņo, OSB


Personnel Participation 2005-2007

Sr. Rebecca Maglalang, OSB

Overall High School Participation

  Sr. M. Michaela M. Manalang, OSB
(632) 536-6352

Overall Grade School Participation

Ms. Adelaida P. Villegas
(632) 524-1408


Overall College Students’ Participation

  Mrs. Rhodora Angela F. Ferrer
(632) 525-7863


HS Student Activities and
HS Liaison SYs 2004 -2005, 2005-2006

Mr. Jose Allan I. Arellano


HS Student Activities and
HS Liaison SY 2006 -2007

  Ms. Louise Arnaldo
(632) 524-7686

Grade School Liaison

Mrs. Elenita "Belle" G. Cabrera
(632) 524-7686 loc. 471


Overall General Services participation and support

  Sr. Ma. Luisa Villanueva, OSB

Overall development of Centennial Website
SY 2004-2005

Mr. Vicente Pijano, III

Overall Documentation

  Mrs. Rebecca Marquez

Overall Security and Mobilization support

Ms. Vivian Manila

 CC-designated Heads of Sub-Committees and Special Projects


Motorcades, Vanity Plates,
"Mag-Bolahan Tayo
" Basketball Fundraiser,
The President’s Centennial Cup

  Ms. Vivian Manila

Generation Awards


Ma. Humildad "Millie" F. Claro
(632) 536-6349


Centennial Career & Admissions Fair
at Glorietta


Mrs. Chloe K. Ramos
(632) 536-6348

Mrs. France Jopillo-Sumang
(632) 536-6354

Social Action Activities & DoctorSCHO ‘yan Medical Mission

Sr. Ma. Agnes C. Cerina, OSB
(632) 524-7686 loc. 224


Member, Sub-Theme Conceptualization

  Mrs. Rose M. Rodriguez

Serenity Photo Exhibits, Archives Technical Committee Members

Rebecca P. Marquez
(632) 524-7686 loc. 248

Johnathan Rondina
(632) 524-7686 loc. 277


Outreach Activities & DoctorSCHO ‘yan Medical Mission

  Ms. Mary Ann S. Cruz
(632) 524-7686 loc. 370


“IdolSCHO ‘yan” Volleyball & Basketball Alumnae Open

Ms. Ellen Catherine A. Carbon
(632) 524-7686 loc. 230

Ms. Sandy Bediones HS '96
(632) 884-1543


Giant Murals, Street Painting,
Walk of Acclaim Exhibit

  Mr. Don S. Amorsolo
(632) 524-7686 loc. 230


Photo Exhibits at the Centennial Career & Admissions Fair in Glorietta

Mr. Benjamin Cabrera

 Memorabilia Sub-Committee June to December 2005

  Mrs. Patricia Barbara Dehesa-Isidro
(632) 524-7686 loc. 370


 Institutional 300-voice Open-Air Production at the Centennial Kick-Off

Mrs. Ramona "Monette" T. Balingcos
(632) 524-7686 loc. 287

College Faculty Participation

  Ms. Ma. Rita R. Cucio
632) 524-7686 loc. 279


Interactive Time-line Exhibit

Mr. Vicente "Tito" P. Pijano, III

Kick-Off Bazaar & Baratilyong PampaSCHO: Scholastican Entrepreneurs’Bazaar

  Mr. Eliezer Francisco
(632) 524-7686 loc. 278


Centennial Calendar and Events Photographer SY 2004-2005

Mr. Allan Roi C. Roņo
(632) 524-7686 loc. 370


Events’ Coordinator (External)
January to September 2005

Ma. Asuncion "Sony" J. Jalandoni
(632) 899-6689


 Events’ Coordinator (Internal)
October 2004 to March 2005

Mrs. Dindin Brotonel-Lachica on leave
(632) 524-7686 loc. 398














Furthermore, in true Benedictine community spirit, all personnel/offices/services support
    the Centennial Cause according to the nature of their office/ function... And for that, WE GIVE

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