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High School unit celebrates Afro-Asian Festival
Posted: Thursday April 08, 2010 08:15 AM


Korea—Best Cultural Presentation, Best Production Book, Best Dance Performance, Best Musical Interpretation Award


Presentation of the African and Asian countries (China, Indonesia, Nigeria, Thailand, Japan, Korea, India)

Sam Turingan — Musical Director, Korea

Last February 26, 2010, the second year students of the high school unit had their Afro- Asian Festival at the Sr. Ehrentrudis Hall.  This annual activity is part of a major academic integration program which aims to provide students a venue to apply the skills learned inside the classroom and develop appreciation for the culture of Afro Asian countries.  The countries presented in the Festival and their respective sections were Indonesia for 2 Hope, Thailand for Year II-Compassion, Korea for Year II-Simplicity, Japan for Year II-Love, China for Year II-Ora, Africa for Year II-Acceptance and India for Year II-Responsibility.  Students performed the music and dances of these countries during the Festival day celebration which was highlighted by the traditional national costumes worn by the sophomores for their assigned countries.

Sr. Adela Arabia, OSB, High School Principal, giving her welcome remarks   Jerica David, Year II Batch Representative, beginning the festival with a prayer

Other than the showcase of culture through music and dances, the students also researched on their respective countries’ geographical, historical, political background, as well as their environmental concerns and issues.  All these were compiled in a scrap book and presented in their AVP, which was shown right before their performance. 

The following were the winners in the said competition:

3rd                  2nd                 1st
Best Production Book Award                        
China                Africa            Korea
Best Audio Visual Presentation Award       
   Thailand            Africa            Indonesia
Best Dance Performance Award                   
Thailand            Japan             Korea
Best Musical Performance Award                  China/India      
Japan             Korea
Best Cultural Presentation Award                 
Japan                Africa            Korea

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