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Manila Vice Mayor Francisco "Isko Moreno" Domagoso talks about qualities of a good leader (Katangian ng Isang Mabuting Pinuno) to Grade School pupils
By Isabel S. Diaz, Grade School Faculty Member
Posted: Thursday August 05, 2010 10:12 AM

Hon. Manila Vice-Mayor Francisco "Isko Moreno" Domagoso sharing his ideas about the qualities of a good leader to the Grade School pupils

Every year the Grade School Unit conducts its Electoral Process to choose the leaders of each class.  We are very proud to say that this activity is one of our trademarks because we do our election of the Class Officers similar to how it is done in the National Elections.  Part of the tradition of this Electoral Process Module is to invite speakers who have experienced true, just and honest leadership.  They are asked to talk before our students and share with them their personal experiences on how to become a good and effective leader.  

This year we were privileged to have our very own Vice Mayor of Manila, Honorable Francisco Domagoso, also known as Vice Mayor Isko Moreno, to be our guest speaker. (Vice Mayor Isko Moreno has a daughter with us here at SSC Manila, Frances Diane D. Domagoso, who is currently in Grade 4 St. Anselm under the advisory of Mrs. Sharose Billones). The talk was held last July 16, 2010 at Sr. Kuniberta Hall and was attended by Grades 4-6 students, our administrators and faculty members.  The activity started with the singing of the Philippine National Anthem followed by a Benedictine prayer led by Erylle Popatco of 6-St. Majolus.  The Grade School Principal, S. Edna M. Quiambao, OSB, then gave her warm welcome to our guest speaker and motivated our Scholasticans to listen with the ear of their hearts for the whole duration of the talk.  And to inspire our students, Mrs. Remedios L. Almario, Social Studies Coordinator, introduced our guest speaker by sharing with us his bundle of successes and accomplishments in life as a person and a politician.

Grade School pupils line up to ask questions during the open forum

Vice Mayor Francisco Domagoso shared with the Grade School Family his ideas on the “Qualities of a Good Leader”.  According to him to be a good leader one must be God-fearing (may takot sa Diyos), honest (tapat), truly cares for the welfare of his people (may malasakit sa kapwa), learned or educated (may pinag-aralan), has goals and plans for his people and has a sense of direction on how to attain these goals (may konkretong plano o plataporma at may direksyon sa pamamahala).  He also inspired our students to never stop striving and dreaming for their greatest goals in life because in God’s own perfect time, these goals and dreams would become a reality.  As what he said, “A person who believes and have faith in God would never go wrong.  If you have God at the center of your life, no one would go against you”.  To further encourage our young Scholasticans to be the best of what they can be, he proudly highlighted and shared with us how he had worked very hard to become successful - from his humble beginning as a simple “pedicab driver” in Tondo, to a showbiz personality, to a councilor then a vice mayor of Manila.  What happened to him, as he kept on mentioning, was really a “Miracle or Divine Intervention”.  Moreover, He would be forever grateful to God and his constituents for giving him the opportunity to prove his worth as a good leader of our country.

In general, the talk became meaningful and fruitful to our future Scholastican leaders.  Our students were able to meet a person who can be considered a living witness and a role model on how to become successful in life.  Through the life story of our guest speaker, they were able to realize how fortunate are they to be given a comfortable life and many opportunities to develop their talents and skills starting at a young age.  We, the Grade School administrators and teachers, believe that through their knowledge and experience of the Electoral Process Module, the Grade School students will become good leaders and followers in the Service of Christ, Country and Creation.

By Rogelio Magtira


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