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Dr. Eduardo Morato conducts "Whole Brain Learning" seminar at SSC
By Rosa Angela Lapeña, HS Faculty
Posted: Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dr. Eduardo Morato

ABS-CBN Bayan Foundation's President,
Dr. Eduardo Morato, facilitated a one-day seminar on Whole Brain Learning with the high school faculty of St. Scholastica's College-Manila, St. Scholastica's College-Pampanga, and St. Scholastica's Academy-Marikina last July 1, 2011 at the Sr. Caridad Barrion Hall.

The attendees were initially welcomed by HS faculty member, Ms. Jonna Marie Lim, who then gave the floor to Sr. Rose Balagat, OSB, for the formal welcoming remarks. Mrs. Ann Joan Hope Caparas, another HS faculty member introduced the speaker. To summarize her introduction, suffice to say that Dr. Eduardo Morato is a man with outstanding credentials in the fields of business and pedagogy. Having previously given the seminar in the Association of Benedictine Schools Congress, he was invited to again share his expertise with the high school faculty of the different branches of SSC.

The seminar focused on how teachers can use what we know about the brain to come up with effective teaching strategies. First, Dr. Morato presented seven skills for self-mastery: 1) know how to think; 2) improve people skills; 3) improve doing skills; 4) harness intuition; 5) learn to communicate; 6) learn to lead; and 7) learn to be the best you can be. He emphasized the three Ws that are essential to achieve the last skill- wonderment, wisdom, and will to live.

He then presented different theories about the brain- the Triune Brain Theory, the Left and Right Brain Theory, the Quadrant Brain Theory, the Eight Multiple Intelligences Theory, and the Sixteen Personality Types Theory. He pointed out that these theories could be used in developing teaching methods that would maximize the potential of each student. Dr. Morato generously shared his own experiences applying the concept of whole brain learning. He gave examples of lessons that would target the use of the "whole brain", lessons that would allow students to develop various functions of the brain. He also presented a list of top-ranking classroom tactics.

In addition to sharing techniques in the classroom, Dr. Morato emphasized the importance of developing students' emotional intelligence. He discussed the facets of emotional intelligence- emotional literacy, self-motivation, empathy, and managing other people's emotions.

Dr. Morato ended the seminar by emphasizing the significance of whole brain learning as a concept that aims to stimulate people to become whole human beings who maximize their potential to learn in life. He stressed that the ultimate goal of teachers is to inspire their students and that the use of whole brain learning brings teachers a step closer to this vision.

As a "teacher of teachers" in that seminar, Dr. Morato was able to practice what he preached. Judging by the enthusiastic reactions of the attendees to his lecture, he proved effective in inspiring the teachers to use whole brain learning to improve their teaching methods.

After the lecture proper, SSC HS principal, Sr. Adela V. Arabia, OSB, formally ended the seminar by giving the closing remarks and presenting the certificate of appreciation to Dr. Morato.

The success of the activity would not have been possible without the help of the administrators and faculty of the three schools. The services rendered by the office staff and general services personnel were also invaluable.


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