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Science Quiz Bee - Bright Sparks of the Mind 2011
By: Guila L. Almario, 6-St. Berno
Posted: Monday, October 24, 2011

For the last thirty minutes, I had been looking at the clock ticking away. I was nervous yet excited for the competition to start.  When it was almost ten o’clock, I became a little agitated. At last, the time came for our assembly!  I went down to the Coordinators’ Room with the other competitors to meet Ms. Santos who gave us instructions and reminders for the Quiz Bee.   After a quick lunch, we, the 6 participants and our 3 Grade 6 Science teachers – Ms. Julita Santos, Mrs. Isabel Diaz and Ms. Toni Emala, went to Sr. Edna M. Quiambao, our dear principal for her blessings. “Bring home the bacon.”  These were the words of Sr. Edna just before we left the school for the competition.

Upon arriving at Emilio Aguinaldo College, which is now Aguinaldo International School, we registered for the competition and after several minutes, we were led to the testing rooms for the elimination round. The six of us were divided into two teams. I, together with Angela Serafico and Jan Villanueva belonged to Team A while Yanessa Vea, Mikaela Montevirgen and Erika Sison belonged to Team B.  When I received the test questionnaire, I was surprised to see that the questions given to us were for college level. I almost asked our proctor if what she gave us was the correct test papers.  No kidding! One question was, “What was the name of the spaceship that landed on Mars on May 28, 2005?”  And many more questions that were all nerve-cracking! These questions made me felt that we will not advance to the next round.  But deep in me, I still have some hope that we will qualify for the Final Round.  And you know what? We did! I almost shouted with joy when the quizmaster said, “The sixth school to enter the final round is St. Scholastica’s College, Manila-Team A”.  That was us, our team- me, Jan and Angela!  We walked to our chairs and when all the Top 10 finalists were complete, the Final Round started. In this round, we were given a gadget to key in our final answers and the scores of each school in the easy, average and difficult categories were all flashed to the screen in front of the auditorium.  The questions in the final round were even harder than the former round.  Sad to say, we didn’t make it to the Top 3 but that was alright.  They gave us our certificates and snacks then, we went down to meet our school service then, we went back to St. Scho.

We may not be in the Top 3 or the Champion but still we were glad that we made it to the finals. It was a treasured experience for me because I learned the value of perseverance, hard work and teamwork. Our success was not only for us competitors and our teachers, but also for the whole school. Anyway, it was just the first time our school joined an interschool Science Quiz Bee such as the “Bright Sparks of the Mind”.  If there will be more competitions in the future, I’m sure the next batch after us will aim for gold.  





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