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Sailing with God thru The Yellow Boat
By: Remedios L. Almario
Posted: Thursday, November 22, 2012

Every July during the Electoral Process Module, the Grade School Unit invites good leaders to speak on the qualities of a good leader which became a tradition in the Grade School Unit.  This year, SY 2012-2013, Mr. Jay Michael O. Jaboneta, the co-founder and chief storyteller of the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, shared his experiences on good leadership.  In the process, he told the story of the Yellow Boat.  It all started through his Facebook status telling what could be done for the kids in Zamboanga who swim to school.  Unexpectedly, many people here and abroad responded by giving donations.  He asked help from his friends about it and so they founded the Funds for Little Kids which is now popularly known as the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, Inc.  Since then, through Jay Jaboneta, the story is being shared to different groups, young and old, to challenge everyone to be part of the solution.

His story inspired Scholasticans to respond to the call.  They have expressed their longing to help these kids by raising funds to sponsor yellow boats.  A small boat started to sail inside the hall and collected coins and bills, almost enough to buy one boat.  It continued to sail throughout the month of August. Students have raised and donated to the community of Zamboanga.  It will be used to build two boats and school for Kinder to Grade 3.

Through this activity, the Social Studies Area has responded to its program’s offering that is to develop in the growing child the values of freedom, truth, justice, equality, social involvement, civic responsibility and commitment; a sense of nationhood; and a critical awareness and analysis of existing situations. 

It is a great realization that whenever students are given the chance, they will respond to it creatively, generously and passionately.  As it is our dream that they become good leaders in their own field in the future through the life-long learning offered by the school .  Young as they are, they have started to become agents of change for the transformation of society, thus, reflecting the leader in every Scholastican. They need not to be popular like the politicians for leaders do not always come from the top.  Ordinary people can also become good leaders. 

Through small acts of helping, Scholasticans have become stewards of God because they have given life and hope to others. As stewards of God, they can be compared to the water streams that bring life to others as Ezekiel 4:9 says, “Where God’s streams flow, it will bring life.”


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