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As a follow-up to my previous blog about the distinction between a real Rolex and a counterfeit, I explain more features in this blog that you can recognize whether you are dealing with an original Rolex or a counterfeit.

Years ago it was easier to distinguish a non-original Rolex from an original Rolex. Unfortunately, the counterfeiters "perfect" themselves, making the details increasingly difficult to distinguish. It is all the more important to observe very small differences. Rolex is a watch of the details. Swiss craftsmanship with years of experience. This makes it impossible to replicate a Rolex watch 1 on 1. Below I explain again some details that you can recognize whether it is an original Rolex.

The ticking sound and second hand.

Almost every Rolex is a mechanical watch with an automatic movement, with the exception of a number of quartz models, such as the Oysterquartz. If the second hand of a Rolex abruptly shifts from the second position to the next, you are probably dealing with a counterfeit Rolex. It is also audible, if you hear a slow loud ticking sound then it is most likely a quartz movement and therefore not an original Rolex. A Rolex ticks with a much higher frequency, up to 10 times within a second. A real Rolex makes a soft and fast ticking sound. Note that nowadays there is also imitation Rolex watches with an automatic timepiece, with a soft and fast ticking sound.

  • The weight

A real Rolex is made from high quality metals, such as steel, gold or even platinum. Due to the use of high-quality metals, a Rolex is sturdy and comfortable on the wrist. A real pleasure to wear one. These metals also provide a certain weight. A Rolex is relatively heavy. If a "Rolex" feels fairly light, the chances are that you are dealing with a counterfeit.

  • Compare

A good way to check if it is an original Rolex. Is to compare it with an original. Detailed photos are often on the Rolex website or on other watch related websites. Zoom in on the photos and compare if the details match. Are certain details missing Rolex Replica Watches or fake Rolex watches do not match. Then there is a good chance that you are dealing with a counterfeit.

  • Certainty

Do you have a "Rolex" and you are not sure whether it is an original. Then visit an expert, such as a jeweler. They often have years of experience with watches such as Rolex and can give you a definitive answer quickly.

This was part 2 of my blog about the distinction between an original Rolex and a counterfeit. Do you doubt the originality of your Rolex? Feel free to send us an email. https://www.hontwatch.me is happy to help you answer your questions. Do you want to buy a new Rolex and absolute certainty? And/or sell your current Rolex at the best price? Then make use of the expertise of https://www.hontwatch.me and request a free quote.

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